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    Goat babies are here !!!

    Here is Mimosa a couple days ago, looking very pregnant and uncomfortable. (the red tint is from the heat lamp) Yesterday morning when I went out to feed, I found Mimosa licking two wet shivering babies. She had a little…

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    Raw diet or BARF diet for dogs and cats

    A reader recently emailed me and asked what I thought of the Bone and Raw Food (BARF) diet, and did I feed it? So, here are my thoughts on the BARF diet and my own dogs and cats. I currently…

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    Introducing Ben, gray Arabian gelding

    On the left are Ben and I back when I first met him, almost 16 years ago. On the right is Ben with his buddy Poco. Over the years he has lost his dark gray color and black stockings and…

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    Introducing Wyatt, our collie/husky

    I thought I’d digress a bit from discussing Fainting Goats and introduce one of our dogs. Wyatt is a 3 year old collie/husky mix. We adopted him as a puppy from a shelter in West Virginia. Our biggest training challenge…

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    Why I chose Tennessee Fainting Goats

    Goats are a new experience for me. I’ve always been a bit curious about them, and with my interest in heirloom and rare breeds, Tennessee Fainting goats were particularly intriguing. You can go to http://www.albc-usa.org/ for more information on rare…

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