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    Goat baby update, week 4

    The kids are now 4 weeks old. They are growing fast, nibbling grain and eating hay. Carlotta and Dreamer have both fainted, after jumping onto a slippery plastic lawnchair. Here are some new pictures: Dreamer’s first faint. Yum, jacket! Let’s…

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    Introducing Lucky, Arabian horse

    For a change of pace from goats, I thought I’d introduce another family member. This is Lucky. His registered name is To Catch a Thief. He is a 9 year old Arabian gelding, bred to race but retired from the…

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    Goat baby update, week 3

    Well, it’s not quite 3 weeks, but they are growing so fast I decided to post early. Carlotta and Dreamer are eating hay now, as well as nursing. Carlotta is very athletic and agile, able to leap several feet while…

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    Goat baby update

    The kids are now almost 2 weeks old! They are growing fast. Jackie, the buckling (photo to right), has been renamed Dreamer. He is a cautious contemplative little buckling, and the action star name just didn’t fit his energy level.…

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