Introducing Lucky, Arabian horse

For a change of pace from goats, I thought I’d introduce another family member. This is Lucky. His registered name is To Catch a Thief. He is a 9 year old Arabian gelding, bred to race but retired from the track when he bowed (tore) a tendon. I used the basic Dynamite program with Lucky, and I have to look hard now to even find the old bow. He is sound now and very athletic. Last fall a local trainer (Teresa Parnham http://www.parnhamyard.com/ ) did some basic work with him, just to get him going again. We took the winter off from training, but with the weather warming up, I am starting to work with Lucky again. I had Prudence Heaney, a saddlefitter, come out and fit a new saddle to Lucky’s back. He is very suspicious of saddles. Prudence did an excellent job, and was very patient with his suspicions. You can read more about Prudence’s work at http://www.twotimetack.com/

I am using a combination of Clinton Anderson’s techniques and TTEAM to help Lucky release his old feelings about riding and training, as well as fill in any gaps in his education. I am not sure what Lucky and I will ultimately do together. Maybe endurance, maybe dressage. I’m waiting for him to tell me what he enjoys most and is best at. I don’t know yet how his old leg injury will hold up to jumping, or even if he will enjoy jumping.

This is a picture of Lucky being ridden by a friend when I first got him.

I have been using a natural horsemanship rope halter with Lucky, sometimes a regular halter with a TTEAM leadrope. I may switch to a bitless bridle for riding. My ultimate goal is to ride without any bridle at all. Speaking of bridleless riding, the ride posted at http://www.westfallhorsemanship.com/index.php?page=seeus&action=category&id=2 is amazing! I don’t know anything about her training techniques or nutrition program, but the riding sure is inspirational.
www.sharethecause.com/eastman for an interesting video on environmental toxins

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