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    A visit from the equine dentist

    Today Krystin Dennis at http://www.horsefloss.com/ came to check the boy’s teeth. Over the years I’ve hired quite a variety of dentists to work on the boys.My goal this time was to find someone who was kind and patient and would…

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    Quercus Knoll blog updates

    There have been several recent posts on my Oak Hill blog Quercus Knoll. I have posted the overall plans for the exercise runways, some helpful links about pasture seed, forages and herbs. I’ve also posted pics of the completed runway…

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    July horse hoof trims

    Poco (above) Ben (above) Lucky (above) Lucky (above) Took the toes back into the white line again. Much improved, although hoof capsules are still a bit stretched forward. Soles are tough and frogs have expanded and toughened. Copyright ©2016 Carrie…

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    Bottom runway & woods exercise area

    Here is the completed portion of the bottom runway, and the exercise yard in the woods with plenty of granite to walk over. The runway must cross our pea gravel driveway to access the woods. So that we can still…

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    Top pasture

    Here is the top pasture after mowing and before any fertilizer is added. Report This Post

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    The pastures were bare soil and weeds when I moved in. As the soil is very rocky, I made the decision to overseed rather than plow everything under and stir up more rocks. The first website I visited was http://www.safergrass.org/…

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    Middle pasture July 10, 2009

    This is the middle pasture on July 10, 2009, after mowing and before applying Dynamite Prescription Treatment and Dynamite CCF. Report This Post

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    New blog for pastures & runways

    Just for fun, I’ve started another blog documenting my experiments with pastures, runways, forage, fencing and paddock paradise principles. Click to link or go to my profile to see the Quercus Knoll blog. Carriehttp://www.carrieeastman.com/http://www.oakhillfaintinggoats.com/ Report This Post

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    Where we are in the journey…

    Oak Hill has roughly 3 acres of cleared grazing land. We also have woods available for the goats and horses. Our land is hilly, moderately steep and rocky. The soil is high iron and clay. This aerial photo was taken…

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