Goat baby update, week 3

Well, it’s not quite 3 weeks, but they are growing so fast I decided to post early.

Carlotta and Dreamer are eating hay now, as well as nursing. Carlotta is very athletic and agile, able to leap several feet while spinning and twisting in midair. She likes being softly scratched in her armpits.

Dreamer is a bit slower, and much bigger now. He likes having his throat scratched.

I may have found another buck to purchase as a consort for Mimosa and Carlotta. I am also starting to look around for a dehorned doeling for Dreamer.
I have put up a new website devoted to the goat business at http://www.oakhillfaintinggoats.com/

A note on dehorning: some find this practice very inhumane. There are arguements in the goat community in favor and against. I admit to being torn about the procedure myself. However, some shows require dehorning, and if I am selling kids as family pets I believe they have a better chance of staying happily with their family if there are no horns. Hopefully most of our kids will be polled and I won’t have to put them through the procedure.

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