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    Partnership with horses

    http://www.hempfling.com/videos.pdf Kim Walnes at www.thewayofthehorse.com suggested I watch the vidoes of Klaus Hempfling. Having done so, I have to say he has the kind of partnership with his horses that I strive for. Watching him ride bareback, with no bridle,…

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    Jan 2009 trims finished

    Photos of left front hooves after backing up the toes into the white line and floating the flares. You can still see white line at the toes. However, there is a mustang roll so the white line is not touching…

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    Trimming hooves

    Horse 1 – left front Horse 1 – right front Horse 2 – left front Horse 2 – right front Horse 3 – left front Horse 3 – right front Horse 4 – left hind, entire hoof capsule distorted toward…

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