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Update on Poco, Ben and Pony-Pony, my geriatric horses:

After the visit from our fantastic new equine dentist Krystin the horses are improving rapidly. Ben’s weight is almost normal now, with little change in his diet. Weight tape estimates he has gained 50 pounds. Pony-Pony is chewing better, and interestingly, moving around much better. She has suddenly self-trimmed her hooves to a perfect length and angle. She is still on the thin side, although gaining weight daily. You may remember Poco was too fragile to be tranquilized for dental work that day. I have increased his hay pellets to about 25 pounds daily, and he is putting on weight. I use Standlee timothy or orchardgrass pellets, and just a pound of alfalfa pellets per day. Standlee makes excellent, clean hay pellets. I vary Poco’s pellet mixture each meal to keep it interesting, and feed him 3 to 4 times per day. I’ve also started offering him Dynamite DynaSpark and his hydration is much improved. I’m excited to have Krystin return and do what she can with his remaining teeth. I expect I’ll be back riding Poco and Ben by the end of September if they continue improving this way. Of course all the oldies get their Dynamite DynaPro to keep their digestion optimal. I really prefer the DynaPro as it is a prebiotic. The DynaPro provides the nutrients the gut bacteria prefer, and the correct pH, and the bacteria repopulate themselves. Regular probiotics just keep adding gut bacteria into an inhospitable gut, where they go dormant. You can read more about the Dynamite products at

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