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    sitting with the horses

    I’ve gone back to sitting with the horses each day, just reading a book. Lucky has decided his place is to stand over me sleeping, and run the other horses away when they come over to see me. He’s an…

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    My dog’s health care program

    I currently share my home with 3 dogs. Daisy, our Golden Retriever, Fearless the Border Collie and Wyatt the collie/husky. All the dogs follow a fairly basic health program. I feed Dynamite Ultimate Dog Food, and occasionally supplement the dog…

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    New post on pasture nutrients at Quercus Knoll

    Go to my sister blog http://www.quercusknoll.blogspot.com/ to see my soil test results before and after applying Dynamite Prescription Treatment and CCF. My goal is to quadruple my pasture yields next year. Carriewww.carrieeastman.comwww.oakhillfaintinggoats.com

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