Spring at Oak Hill!

With the warmer weather, I’ve gone back to playing with Lucky using Carolyn Resnick’s Waterhole Rituals and some TTEAM/TTouch . So far, Lucky and I have done sharing territory, saying hello, taking territory, leading from behind and have just started magnetic connection. I’ve also been mixing in TTouch to make my time with him really fun and relaxing. I also use bladder meridian sweeps and some of Dr. Golob’s body exercises. Lucky seems very receptive and curious, mixed with the occasional mild challenge. He responds to the TTouch with lots and lots of yawning, licking and chewing. He is still protective of his ears, and reluctant about tail work. He was great about picking up his feet and letting me do leg circles.

Poco and Ben have lost a lot of muscle tone over the winter. I’m experimenting with a combination of Dr. Golob’s techniques, TTEAM ground obstacles and short periods of longing on a hillside to bring them back, playing for just 10-15 minutes at a time daily. Both of them have switched over to a diet of mainly hay pellets, as they are unable to chew much hay at this point. I use well-soaked timothy, orchardgrass and timothy/alfalfa pellets from Standlee in Idaho. Of course, they get their Dynamite vitamins also.

Meanwhile, with the arrival of spring, I’m counting down the days until goat kidding starts. Carlotta (above) is due the first week of April, with our other does kidding every week or so through May. You can follow the goat antics on Twitter or Facebook. Just go to for links and updates.
Spring is also time to finish up the runways to create our own version of a paddock paradise. You can read more about paddock paradise principles at I’ll be taking more soil samples and doing our spring pasture fertilizing as well. You can follow all the pasture changes at our sister blog,

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