First trail ride on Lucky! We did it! And an exercise program for Poco & Ben

It’s been a long interesting journey with this ex-racehorse of mine.

Tonight, after a quick EFT reminder that riding Lucky is fun and easy, we played in the field a bit with some basic TTEAM obstacles and plenty of circles and yielding. And then we headed out onto the trail for the very first time.

Lucky was excited and interested, yet very controllable. I did have to dismount for a monster manure spreader. 🙂 After we got past that, I discovered a new gap in Lucky’s training. Mounting on the trail. Did I mention I was bareback??? We practiced at ditches, stumps, lumber piles and rocks on the way home.

So I can see our next game is going to be standing quietly next to objects that I am standing on.

And, it’s time for me to learn to swing up bareback without any mounting aid. Good thing he’s short.

I also spent some time tonight laying out ground poles in a large circle on the hillside. I picked a very gentle slope. I put poles at 12, 3, 6 and 9 on the clockface. One pole was elevated, one was a pair set like cavaletti.
As Poco and Ben are older, I am starting with short sessions twice daily.
In one, I clear polarity, do K27 chest points and tail points, and finish with the back and neck exercises.  I use a flower essence spray topically on any blocked points and along their spine from withers to tail.
In the other, I run their bladder meridians on both sides 3 times, and do some basic TTouches, usually abalone over their bodies. Then some wand stroking all over, especially on their legs. After that, 5 minutes one way around the circle, more wand stroking for a short break, then 5 minutes the other way on the circle.
I’ll reassess in a week to see how the program should be tweaked.

Part 2…
Part 3…
Part 4…

Fun to watch all the changes happening around here!

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