Winter 2012 updates – a lot of catching up since July!

Wow – how did it get to be December already?!?  My last post was back in July, and feels like last month.  Many changes and events at Oak Hill since July…

Some goats have left, and a new goat has arrived.  Oak Hill Bluebelle and Oak Hill Chickadee left to live at Crystal View Fainting Goats.  They have a wonderful new home with the Neely’s, and I’m excited to see kids from both of them in the next couple years.


Sadly, Chickadee’s son Bluebeard passed this summer, likely of complications from a sting or bite.  While no goat can take Blue’s place, my hope is that Chickadee will produce a similar buckling at her new home.
RIP Bluebeard – you were loved…

A new lady has come to live at Oak Hill.  Locust Hill Alexandria arrived late this summer from Goat Flower Farm.  ‘Lexi is bred to Astro for spring 2013 kids.  She is shy – slowly learning that my visits mean treats.  ‘Lexi has lovely muscle and bone and I’m excited to see the size she adds to the Oak Hill herd.

Geisha & I in the ring
The first MGR shows at the South Mountain Fair in August were a great success!  We had 50+ goats showing, from all over the east coast.  In 2013, we plan to add a 3rd show to the schedule, with more goats and exhibitors expected.  The shows have their own website at http://southmountainmgrshows.homestead.com/  Come visit the site to purchase show merchandise and watch for next year’s schedule.


Carlotta is due to kid any day now.  I’m hoping for Christmas kids (they will be for sale).  The other mature does are bred for spring 2013 kids.  I have the breedings and due dates posted on the Oak Hill website.  I’m especially excited to see what the Truffle x Tonka cross yields.  Maybe Truffle will get to keep a daughter this coming year (All my does get to keep a daughter at least once – my promise to them).  If everyone kids twins successfully, we will have 14 kids on the ground at the same time.  Bedlam!!! In the best way!!!  Hoping for an open house in 2013 at Oak Hill.  Stay tuned for that!
We added a separate breeding pen this year, handy for our girls and any visiting does.  The Love Shack has been a handy addition!

On a more ominous note, coyotes have been spotted behind our farm.  To insure our goats’ safety, we are adding a livestock guardian dog (LGD) to our family this December.  We decided on a Great Pyrenese, after much debate over breeds.  Our LGD Alruna comes from Duffy Fainting Goat Farm in NY state.   ‘Runa has just started to hang out with the goats at Duffy’s.  She is the most curious of the girls, and very happy.  We are very excited for her arrival.
And just for fun, Oak Hill has made the leap into Pinterest.  Come join us there!  http://pinterest.com/oakhillfainters/
May your holiday and new year be filled with fun, family, peace, joy & abundant blessings! 
And some goat kisses!

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