DIY hay & mineral feeders for goats

DIY Hay and Mineral Feeders For Goats
by Carrie Eastman

This is a collection of hay and mineral feeders I have built over the years for the horses and goats.  As I find more old photos, or make new projects, I’ll add to the collection.

Any hay rack that I put in the goat pen must be easily cut apart or unscrewed for safety.   Not sure how I’d get a goat loose if it was stuck between welded metal bars on a rack…

So far, I haven’t found any hay nets safe for goats, although I’m told the slow-feeder hay nets with the tiny holes can work safely.

This newest hay rack was built entirely from salvaged lumber from hurricane Sandy and some house remodeling, and finished up with leftover paint.  Cost me about $1 in screws.  The legs are made of an X of lumber, with the bottom of the X set much wider for stability.  It holds 1 standard 50 lb bale of hay.

My most recent project – large hay rack for the bucks
Back side of hay rack
Trash can hay feeder for goats
Worked great for does – bucks destroyed it

Wall mounted

This is a mineral feeder.  Used a silicon muffin mold for the mineral cups, as the metal molds rust out from the salt.  put the mold inside a wooden box to keep the goats from standing on/in it or pooping in it.  Held up for several years, before someone tore a corner off the mold.  Still works, just missing a compartment now.

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