2017 update: Help for fleas, ticks, flies, lice and internal parasites – for dogs, horses & goats

updated February 2017

I have reduced my use of chemicals down to a handful of times in the past few years.  Some of my animals have had none at all, some a bit, depending on their immune system.  My goal is to be entirely chemical-free as soon as possible.

I use my eyes, reflex points, surrogate muscle testing and the occasional fecal test to check for parasites.  If I find a parasite issue, I use the same reflex points and/or surrogate muscle testing to check which products clear the issue.

In general, if a chemical is the only solution, I follow the chemical with several days of clay/diatomaceous earth/digestive aid* or montmorrillonite clay*.

Every early spring and late fall (around the first killing frost), I use an herbal detoxification blend* for 28 days for the dogs and horses per label amounts, and for 14 days for the goats at 1/4 teaspoon per 10 pounds bodyweight.  During the herbal liver cleanse, I stop using the basic supplements other than my favorite prebiotic*

This is an excellent reference article on parasites.  http://www.clarkvetclinic.com/images/NATURAL_APPROACHES_TO_PARASITE_CONTROL.doc

If the animal has signs of anemia or I suspect internal bleeding from the parasites, I use a liquid trace mineral concentrate*.  For a 1000lb horse, I use 30 drops/day for 2 weeks, longer if needed. For a 60lb goat or dog, I use 10 drops/day for 2 weeks, longer if needed.

Species specific tips

Horses – I use the parasite reflex point to look for the issue.  Then use the parasite point and the liver point to identify the product that safely clears the issue (Come to a class with Dr Golob to learn these points, or order his DVD www.docgolob.com ).  Most commonly, the issue clears with the 7 day herbal* cleanse, “miracle” clay* or a chelated copper blend*.  If I run a fecal, I only consider there to be a problem if the egg count is above 200 per gram.  Contact me for my 7 day recipe.

I have found the herbal detoxifier* orally also helps greatly with lice on horses.  So does dusting with diatomaceous earth, neem oil, and my favorite blend of bug-repellent oils*.

For ticks on horses, I find that generally keeping the horses healthy minimizes their attractiveness to the ticks.  I pick off any ticks that I find.  I use my oil blend* as needed, free range chickens or guinea fowl. I believe the Fly Free bands around the pasterns combines with trimming the tail short enough not to drag the ground also helps.  http://www.jefferspet.com/fly-free-zone/camid/EQU/cp/0034639/

Should Lyme or West Nile become an issue, please contact me, as there are several holistic protocols that people have found very effective.

Dogs – I use yes/no muscle testing or observation to look for most parasites.  I have the vet check for heartworms annually.  For most internal parasites, I use the herbal detoxifier* at the higher label dose for 7 days as needed.  For external parasites, I use my favorite repellent oil blend* as needed when they go outside.  I also rub some neem oil through their fur after every bath.  This is sufficient for my house dogs that are outside a few hours daily.

For tapeworms, a simple mix of shredded raw carrot and kyolic garlic drops in their food for 7 days usually resolves the issue.

For heartworm exposure, add a mix of wormwood and black walnut tincture at 20 drops twice per week on the food during the warm season.

The fly free collar is another option for dogs. http://www.jefferspet.com/fly-free-dog-collar/camid/PET/cp/0034704/

As with the horses, I depend on free-range chickens or guinea fowl to control many of the ticks.

Goats – I use yes/no muscle testing, clumpy poo, weight loss, gum color as indicators of a potential problem.  I also just observe, as external parasites are easy to spot.  I use yes/no muscle testing to confirm my observations and determine the solution.  I surrogate test my own liver point to check the safety of the solution.

Here is an extensive blog entry on goat parasites.  http://oakhillfainters.blogspot.com/2012/05/goat-parasites.html

This is an article about using lespedeza grazing to control parasites in goats.  (Lespedeza is not especially palatable for horses)http://www.extension.org/pages/19420/goat-pastures-sericea-lespedeza

During the warm months, I will potentially use diatomaceous earth, pumpkin seeds, clay, a copper boost (not bolus), homeopathics or the herbal detox blend* at 1/4 tsp per 10 lbs bodyweight twice daily for 7 days.  Do NOT use the herbal blend on pregnant does!

The Fly Free collar is another option for goats, although not practical for large herds. http://www.jefferspet.com/fly-free-goat-collar/camid/LIV/cp/FK-F4/

For lice, my favorite repellent oil blend* works miracles, not only repelling the adults but smothering the eggs as well.  I also dust with diatomaceous earth for lice.

Product Links

*http://www.dynamitemarketing.com/carrieeastman for my favorite products

www.jefferslivestock.com or www.jeffersequine.com or www.jefferspets.com for fly traps and Fly Free collars and bands


www.arbico-organics.com for nematodes

www.redmondnatural.com to locate a local food-grade diatomaceous earth distributor



Would you like to learn how to muscle test?  Need some help choosing the best approach for your animals?  Contact me!  www.carrieeastman.com

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