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Applied kinesiology for all animals and people – getting practical answers about wellness

I recently published The Energetic Goat.  This book is a practical guide to applied kinesiology, contact reflex analysis and dowsing for goat health.

I often get asked, can I use this book for my cat?  My dog?  My horse?  Myself?  The short answer is, YES!  You can use this book for any of your animals or yourself!

To quote from the book “I refer to applied kinesiology (muscle testing), contact reflex analysis (reflex points), and dowsing techniques collectively as energy testing.  All are based on the same basic principles.  Goat and human bodies are composed of protons, neutrons, and electrons, all of which make up atoms.  These atoms have electrical properties, or to put it another way, protons have a positive charge, electrons have a negative charge, and neutrons are neutral.  So we are all beings made up of energy, electrical energy.

Energy moves and travels and can be conducted over even great distances.  Air, water, bodies – everything is made up of atoms.  The vibration of one atom is thus transmitted to the one next to it, and so on and so on, covering great distances in a flash…

When doing muscle testing and dowsing, you are tapping into these fields to send and receive information about the body.”  pg 1 The Energetic Goat  (copyright 2015, Carrie Eastman)
All animals and people are made up of these same atoms.  The energetic principles behind goat testing apply to every living creature.

For people, any of the techniques apply directly.  People will not need to use surrogate reflex points (although you certainly can).  See Chapter 3, What Are Reflex Points.  Within chapter 3 on page 41 is a diagram of some basic human reflex points.  You can use these directly on yourself, or have a friend check them for you.

For any other animals, follow all the instructions in all 6 chapters describing the various techniques and how to put it all together.

Remember to clear your own polarity and the polarity of any animal you are working on.  Not sure what polarity is, or how to clear it?  See Chapter 1 The Basics, specifically the section called Polarity, Hydration And Other Complicating Factors on page 2.

Note: For animals other than goats or for people, disregard most of the cross reference chart of health conditions and potential solutions, as this was written specifically for goats.  You may use the very general descriptions, such as fractures or bacterial infection.  Avoid goat-specific conditions such as bloat or CAE.

In the future, I plan to release additional books covering the specifics of testing for other animals.   The next book, planned for 2016, will cover horses.

Meanwhile, you can feel confident adapting this book for ALL of your testing needs.

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