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Tea time for the goats – bye bye parasites

I am using a new approach to herbal deworming for my goat herd this spring.

We are having a daily tea party.

Kristie Miller at Land of Havilah gave me the idea, as she has been using it successfully with her herd of dairy goats, and sells the herbal blend that can be brewed into goat tea.

I currently have 19 adults plus all the kids, so while I CAN do individual doses at tie stations, having an approach that addresses the entire herd at once is a real time-saver.  Also, I only deworm when they have parasite stress.  In my herd, that is typically once or twice a year at most.   I will add that using a stainless steel or glass container to steep would be even better, and using distilled water is better than spring or tap.  I used what I had on hand.

So, here is how I have been hosting the tea parties at Oak Hill.  I waited until it was 2 days before the full moon to start.  Every morning I bring water almost to a boil, and pour about a teakettle worth of water over 1 cup of the herbal blend.  I let it steep in a small feed bucket while I start my other chores.


After 15 minutes of steeping I stir it up and divide it evenly between three 5 gallon buckets.  I then add plain cold water to fill each of those buckets.  I put one bucket in the bucks’ trough, and 2 buckets in the does’ trough. Then I add another 5 gallons of plain water to the bucks, and another 10 to the does.

Doe trough.  20 gallons of water, including the steeped tea slurry.

In the mid afternoon, I check to see that they have drunk most or all of it.  Then I add more cold water right into the trough stirring back up the herbal slurry from that morning.  The next morning, I dump the trough out, and start fresh with that morning’s new brew.

Truffle having her tea

After some wrinkled noses and funny faces, everyone seems to have adjusted to the taste.  Some love it, and gulp it right down.  Others are a bit more reluctant.  Everyone is getting a share though, even the very young kids.

Once we finish all 5 days, I will wait a week or so, then muscle test to see if anyone needs some individual dosing to finish the process.  If I do any individual dosing, I will switch to my favorite herbal blend, which is different that the Land Of Havilah tea blend.

Want to learn how to muscle test or dowse for what best addresses parasites in your goats?
Want to study herbs?  Essential oils?
Check out the new learning center at Land of Havilah, including her class in the Plus membership level called 
“How To Prepare Herbal Parasite Formula Tea”

and my book The Energetic Goat

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  • Linda Ellestad

    I was wondering what herbal wormer blend do you like using? I know your article for the tea you were using LOH but you also said you liked another one for individual dosing. I clicked on that and the link was not available. I just joined the site “Common Sense Holistic Goat” and have been reading and watching the utube videos you have put out. I find this all really fascinating and I think I am going to order your book !

    I have a herd of 15 reg. Nubians and have been raising them for 27 years and am trying to go natural but still fighting parasites like crazy in my does that freshened. I have learned so much in the past year but its just the beginning of this journey of learning. Thanks.


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