As a Common Sense Wellness Practitioner and Coach, I believe it’s a myth that you can capture good health in a catch phrase, mission statement or slogan.  Wellness is too complex, too  multi-faceted, with outside influences, environment, diet, and toxins (physical or emotional) all playing a role.

As a Common Sense Wellness Practitioner and Coach, I believe it’s a myth that you can heal the planet.  See the first myth above, and add to that the vast scope of the planet with millions upon billions of additional influences.

As a Common Sense Wellness Practitioner and Coach, I believe it’s a myth that can “fix” your family, your animal, your neighborhood, or your town.  There is both arrogance and an illusion of control in this thinking.

Hang onto your hope.  There IS something powerful that you CAN do.

You CAN heal yourself and set an inspiring example while holding others as able.  As others work on their own healing, the effect ripples and spreads.

You CAN offer tools for healing and then get out of the way, allowing the body to do what it is designed to do.  The body is perfectly designed to seek life, and then to seek health.



My Common Sense Wellness approach is the combination of
Principles – Common sense broad-spectrum wellness knowledge. A lifetime of wellness study covering a wide range of mainstream and alternative topics for animals and people.
Practices – Wellness techniques to assist you and your animals. A combination of nutrition, ortho-bionomy, acupressure, craniosacral, herbology, homeopathics, essential oils, applied kinesiology, environment & equipment evaluation & refinement, energy testing, and firsthand experience.
Practitioners – Referrals to a wide network of skilled wellness practitioners, such as experts in craniosacral, oils, nutrition, herbs and various bodywork techniques.

Carrie’s resume includes…

45 plus years of experience with bodywork and energy healing.
40 years of hunt seat, dressage and conscious horsemanship.
20 years working professionally on animals and people.
20 years of living on ever-larger homesteads, building from scratch.
10 years raising and showing goats.
An Honors B.S. in Wildlife Science, with additional focused college study on horse production and crop and soil sciences.
Horse Handling and Training, Penn State – 1989
Instructor:  Ward Studebaker
Centered Riding® Instructor Update – November 1998
Instructor: Saundra Cabell
Level 1 Centered Riding® Instructor Training – March and June 1997
Instructors: Saundra Cabell and Robin Brueckman
Open Centered Riding® Clinic – May 1997
Instructors: Sally Swift and Saundra Cabell
Fairview Farm and Stables – 1990 to 1996 – dressage student
Instructor:  Jane Ressler
New Canaan Mounted Troop​​ – 1977 to 1985 – hunt seat, dressage, stable management
Instructors:  Tom and Martha Shires (Canadian Olympic Equestrian Team)
TTEAM® 5 day Equine Training – 1997, 1998, 1999
Instructors:  Copper Love and Debbie Potts
“Where Have All The Horsemen Gone” Level 1
2 week apprenticeship – 1997 and 2000
studied nutrition, parasite management, health maintenance, structural evaluation, nutritional evaluation, reflex points, muscle testing, applied kinesiology, accupressure and energy block clearing
Instructors:  Dr. Regan Golob and Kelley Mills
“Where Have All The Horsemen Gone” Level 2 Advanced Training
groundwork and riding rehab plus continued studies in cranio sacral, applied kinesiology, anatomy, accupressure and more.
Alternative Therapies In Equine Management – annually 1996-2005
studied nutrition, parasite management, and Bio Energy Analysis
Instructors: Dr. Regan Golob and Judy Sinner
The Pennsylvania State University 1985-1990
Horse Production and Management
Soils and Land Use
Principles of Crop Management
Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy
Chemistry and Organic Chemistry
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