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    Goats & Copper supplementation

    I frequently get questions about copper and goats.  This is a topic of much debate and discussion, and there has been less research than on the copper needs of sheep, cattle and horses.  In Europe, copper needs for dairy goats…

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    Tips For Endurance & Competitive Trail Horses

    As many of my clients have endurance or competetive trail horses, I have gathered together all the tips I have found over the years into one program. For the off season/winter:My favorite pelleted grain ration or organic corn/oats/barley to maintain…

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    Foster and DSLD

    [updated September 2020]  DSLD is short for Degenerative Suspensory Ligament Desmitis. My husband’s horse Foster has DSLD. Foster is a 13 year old Clydesdale/Appendix Quarter Horse cross gelding. He came to us overweight with pasterns that were horizontal at rest.…

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    My yearly Dynamite program for my horses

    I’ve had requests for an annual checklist of Dynamite products for my horses. Jan – March: regular yellow-label Dynamite vit/mineral free choice 1-1, 2-1, NTM salt and Izmine DynaPro Stop all supplements in feed except DynaPro one day per week…

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    Introducing Ben, gray Arabian gelding

    On the left are Ben and I back when I first met him, almost 16 years ago. On the right is Ben with his buddy Poco. Over the years he has lost his dark gray color and black stockings and…

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    Why I chose Tennessee Fainting Goats

    Goats are a new experience for me. I’ve always been a bit curious about them, and with my interest in heirloom and rare breeds, Tennessee Fainting goats were particularly intriguing. You can go to for more information on rare…

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