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    Oak Hill fall musings & planning for 2016

    Boy, it’s been ages since I updated folks on doings at Oak Hill. You may (or may not) have figured out that a variety of species share Oak Hill with us.  In residence are horses, fainting goats, muscovy ducks, buckeye…

  • pastures,  Our homestead farm

    Tax time and pastures

    You might be wondering at the title.  What does tax season have to do with pastures?Well, for me, tax season also means looking back at all the expenses and income for the past year and looking for ways to improve…

  • horses,  pastures

    Now on Twitter!

    You can follow the Oak Hill fainting goats at Also, the rehabilitation, health maintenance and performance enhancement business Horses, Humans & Healing is on Twitter at Watch for posts on the blog next week on pasture nutrition at…

  • Our homestead farm,  pastures

    Updated! Fencing & Fence Chargers

    As I’m shopping for fencing for the runways, and also am replacing the fence charger, this seemed a timely topic.There are four types of fences at Oak Hill:The perimeter pasture/runway fence is permanent and must keep the horses on the…

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