The Healing Of Horses

The Healing Of Horses (sequel to The Energetic Goat) written for you and your horse!

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In this book, read about:

Why Learn Muscle Testing, Reflex Points, and Dowsing?

What are the Basics of Muscle Testing, Reflex Points, and Dowsing?

What are the Many Ways to Muscle Test Horses?

What Are Reflex Points and How do I use them?

What is Dowsing and How do I use it for my horse?

How Do I Help My Horse Transition to Chemical-free, GMO-free, and low or no vaccines?

What are the secret Equine Diet Basics you probably haven’t heard about?

What are Prebiotics and How are they the foundation of Health?

How do I deal with parasites without chemicals?

What are the different perspectives on vaccines and Immunity?  How do I help my horse during vaccinations?

How do I maintain healthy Hooves?

If my horse could talk, what Tack and Equipment would he ask for?

What is Conscious Horsemanship and how can it offer me a new and deeper relationship with my horse?

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