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“Carrie holds a wealth of knowledge, and yet is one of the most humble people I know. She doesn’t push her opinions or knowledge on you like many do but rather she informs you of your choices, of the pros and cons, and then gently guides you to tuning into your own intuition. This has been so refreshing because too many people push protocols as being “the way to go”, whereas Carrie knows every horse is different and every horse needs different things. She is also INCREDIBLY supportive during highly emotional and traumatic situations. My mare almost died a year ago from a severe COPD attack and Carrie was my rock. I am beyond grateful to have Carrie supporting me and my girl!!!!” – Ali W.

“I raise dairy goats and was having problems with one of my pregnant does. I purchased Carrie’s book, The Energetic Goat, and needed some backup and confidence that I was doing the muscle testing correctly. Using a picture of my goat, she remotely dowsed her and her findings were pretty much what I had come up with. Carrie’s personal approach and the confidence and encouragement she gave me were amazing. She’s a truly caring person and so good at what she does.” -Laurie P.

“In a few short weeks joining her group (Common Sense Holistic Horses on Facebook) I have morphed from a panicky herd steward (5 horses and one mammoth donk) to calm and confident ‘I can do this better’ thanks greatly to Carrie’s patience and knowledge. Looking forward to contributing as my tribe and I embrace holistic wellness” – Carol M.

“I asked Carrie Eastman to do a wellness visit energetically with my draft horse Tilley. What I received was so very much more. Carrie connected from her home in Pennsylvania, to my home in Northern Michigan. What an experience it was! After Carrie’s check of Tilley’s body from head to toe she was able to share with me many things. Tilley’s health is overall good; and the interesting fact that she did have parasites but that she was balanced with them was an education in itself for me! (So I wasn’t 100% incorrect with my own dowsing, but I did learn the importance of how you ask the questions!) After we get her foundation built up with different supplements that were identified in the wellness check, we will do an herbal cleanse. This protocol was confirmed to be what was needed in the wellness check.
I was surprised however to learn that Tilley is still severely grieving the loss of her pasture mate that had to be put down about a year ago. She expressed so much sadness it had Carrie and I both nearly in tears…and I wasn’t even talking to Tilley! But she is ok with being sad…she’s processing and like Carrie said horses are a collective. So my take on that is that even though Katie is gone from her physical herd, she is still with her in her etheric herd.
Tilley would like more input as to her hoof trims, more communication between us and the farrier. I need to send better information to Tilley as to what we expect of her.
If any of you are on the fence about an experience such as this, and question how she can do it remotely…I’m here to tell you, just do it. It’s more than worth the price and the information you receive is invaluable. The confidence it gives you, that you are giving your animal friends what they need, when they need it, is worth the peace of mind. Really. I feel so blessed to have had this service available to me, that we actually can help them be heard! Through the muscle testing and the communication; what a tremendous gift we can give our animal friends! We’re giving them a voice! Which pales in comparison to the gifts these animals give us on a daily basis.” – Erika H.

“Carrie’s work with horses is nothing short of amazing. She has been absolutely instrumental in helping me keep my herd happy and healthy and solving some rather complex issues. She is also a very gifted teacher. I have taken several of her courses and keep coming back for more. She has a lot of passion for what she does and it shows!” – Dena S.

“Carrie is the real deal. For the past six years she has helped me keep my horses healthy . And with the addition of 2 kittens to my family, she has been spot-on for their care as well. It is a source of comfort when I read on the internet about some holistic remedy for a particular dis-ease that I heard it first from Carrie. So cool! Thanks, Carrie.” – Lynell A.

“Carrie is fantastic! Whether she’s on your farm, actively working on one of your animals, or helping you through something over email, she always takes great care and time to make sure you are well educated and your animal is happy and healthy. I’d refer anyone to her!” – Kelly M.

“Carrie just came out to my place in Virginia and took care of me and then of my four horses. Amazing afternoon. First, she discovered that one of the bones in my legs was out of position. Some ‘body English’ later, and a bunch of things corrected and reset. Wow. Then, she evaluated and worked on each horse, so gentle and kindly with each one. So supportive and positive re outcomes. She corrected a variety of structural imbalances, with each horse immediately sighing in relief. Then, she identified nutritional issues with each one, providing a step-by-step program to correct each issue. The best thing is she suggests products that allow the horse to obtain deep-down healing that results in a real turn-around for the horse — no quick fixes, no partial fixes, no gimmicks. Just the very best for the horse. My equine crew and I depend on Carrie’s expertise, and she surely did not let us down this time. I look forward to the upcoming training session next month in Culpeper, VA. If you live in MD, VA, or NC, it would really be worthwhile to attend. Thanks, Carrie!” – Cathleen C.

“Carrie is the first person I call when I have any concerns about my horses, dogs or myself. She is always ready to help! You won’t find a more willing person to help with your fur babies!!” – Missy B.

“Carrie is knowledgeable and shares what she’s learned graciously and generously. Recently she did some distant kinesiology (muscle testing) for my horse and the herbs she discerned to be needed were very helpful in the overall recovery of my horse. While I wish I could say I hope to never need such services again, I know I will and will not hesitate to, once again, ask Carrie for her help.” – Gwenyth S.

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