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Dynamite’s vision is to improve the lives of all living creatures by empowering people with the truth and knowledge about health. Backed by over 80 years of experience in holistic nutritional science, we formulate, manufacture and market nutraceuticals for all species.

Learn more about Healing Horses

The Healing Of Horses

by Carrie Eastman

A guide for unique ways to determine the health of your horse, and holistic ways to prevent disease, treat minor injuries and ensure the highest quality of health for your horses.

Learn more about Energetic Goat

The Energetic Goat

by Carrie Eastman

Holistic practitioners have been using contact reflex diagnosis, muscle testing, and dowsing to improve human health for centuries. For lifelong alternative medicine practitioner Carrie Eastman, applying these methods to her goat herd was just common sense. All living things are made up of electrical energy. Learn how to harness this energy to work with your goats in a way that is convenient, inexpensive, and safe for your herd.

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