Private Wellness Coaching

One-on-one wellness coaching to help you with your animals or yourself.

Wellness coaching offers specific information unique to your situation.  During a wellness coaching session, a complete medical and nutritional history will be taken, as well as any emotional background.  Using energy testing (muscle testing and dowsing), common sense and standard scientific approaches, Carrie will assist you in setting up a wellness program.

Wellness coaching also offers emotional support.  Getting healthy can be scary, messy, and confusing and sometimes you need a shoulder to lean on or some reassurance that this too shall pass.  Sometimes you need help with responding to the nay-sayers, or perhaps to some well-meant advice, or even some gloomy predictions from folks that don’t understand or trust this path to wellness.

Sometimes you need technical advice, or perhaps guidance for finding practitioners.

Private wellness coaching can help you with all of this.

Additionally, when you book multiple formal coaching sessions, you also get unlimited* phone/email/text support access to Carrie without an appointment Saturday through Thursday from 6 am to 8 pm Eastern Time.  These contacts are intended to be for emotional support and clarifying the results of the formal coaching sessions.

Finally, you can use your unlimited support access during an emergency after hours.  A response is not guaranteed between 8:01 pm and 5:59 am.  Emergency support is not a legal substitute for veterinary or medical care.  Please use your emergency vet or hospital as needed.

*unlimited within reason.  Maximum availability is 2 hours daily, 7 days per week, during the first 2 weeks.  During the second 2 weeks, 1 hour daily 7 days per week.  After your first month, 1 hour daily 3 days per week should be more than sufficient.  

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Recommended packages:

Get us over the hump” packages.  For animals transitioning to chemical-free, vaccine-free management, 2 to 4 sessions monthly during the first 2 months are suggested.  This gives you a higher level of support during the initial transition and first round of detoxification.  Click the package price to proceed to the store:

2 sessions, 1 hour per session  $84 or $42/session

4 sessions, 1 hour per session  $152 or $38/session

8 sessions, 1 hour per session  $272 or $34/session

Phew, glad we are in maintenance” packages.  Click the package price to proceed to the store:

12 sessions, 1 hour per session (Hint:  spread this out over 1 year to stay on top of any new developments) $360 or $30/session

I’ll call you when I need you” Click the price to proceed to the store:

1 session, 1 hour  $47

You can use these packages however you see fit, spread over whatever time period best serves you.  We ask that all packages be used within 12 months of purchase.

Money-saving bundles to use when and how you choose

2 sessions, 1 hour per session  $84 or $42/session

4 sessions, 1 hour per session  $152 or $38/session

8 sessions, 1 hour per session  $272 or $34/session

12 sessions, 1 hour per session  $360 or $30/session

Not sure? Try a FREE 15 minute session

No Risk.  Moneyback Guarantee.  If you are unhappy with your first session, please notify me within 24 hours to receive a full refund.

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