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    Now on Twitter!

    You can follow the Oak Hill fainting goats at http://twitter.com/oakhillfainters Also, the rehabilitation, health maintenance and performance enhancement business Horses, Humans & Healing is on Twitter at http://twitter.com/hhhealing Watch for posts on the blog next week on pasture nutrition at…

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    updates on Dynamite fertilizers

    I took baseline soil samples in 2007. After that, green manure was applied (actually, the horses and goats applied the manure by pooping in the fields)In 2009, I took more samples in the middle pasture.Then I applied a combination of…

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    Updated! Fencing & Fence Chargers

    As I’m shopping for fencing for the runways, and also am replacing the fence charger, this seemed a timely topic.There are four types of fences at Oak Hill:The perimeter pasture/runway fence is permanent and must keep the horses on the…

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    Oak Hill Fainting Goats update

    It’s been a while since I posted an update on the fainting goats. Here are a few video clips. This first video is of Chryssy. She joined our herd early this summer, and is hopefully due to kid in August.…

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