Winter feeding tips and 2011 show schedule

To maintain weight, think fats. Black oil sunflower seeds and/or roasted soybeans. For soybeans, I use the cold extruded whole soybean pellets. A tiny handful goes a long way. Watch out for GMO soybeans. 

To maintain body heat, free choice roughage is the best. The roughage generates heat as it breaks down in the body. I prefer grass hays, or grass mixed with alfalfa or clover. I do not feed straight alfalfa because of the high nitrogen, lower fiber content, high protein and the effect on the calcium ratio.

Oats and corn are the most warming grains. I prefer the oats, as so much corn these days is GMO.

I offer a prebiotic/probiotic whenever there is a sudden weather change, or if the animals are otherwise stressed. You can find my favorite prebiotic here. With other brands, make sure they are labeled pre as well as pro. 

I offer electrolyte water in addition to plain water. I always make plain water available. My favorite electrolyte has the correct sodium/potassium ratio and a smidge of molasses for taste and energy.  

2011 Shows – Come and meet some of the Oak Hill herd!

Myotonic Goat Show @ The Pet Expo Reading, PA March 19

Keystone State Fainting Goat Show @ The Pet Expo Reading, PA March 20

South Mountain Fair Arendtsville, PA August 17

South Mountain Myotonic Goat Show @ The South Mountain Fair August 20

2011 kidding
Kids will start arriving in early March.  Stay tuned!

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