Lucky welcomed the hackamore!!!

The picture says it all.

I added treats to our play sessions, and everything fell into place. This last picture was taken out in the open pasture we ride in, and Lucky walked to me when he saw me coming with the hackamore.

Back to riding tomorrow!

Dianne came today and did another Sportsmassage session on Lucky. She reported much improvement in his shoulders, which had been very tight. She also got more releasing in his gluteus accessorius. What I saw was a freer canter and his tail held to the center instead of pulled to the left.

Lucky also got his bi-weekly pedicure yesterday. His toes have backed up nicely, his hairlines have evened out. He still tends to grow a flare on his right hind. I’ll be curious to see if Dianne’s work combined with riding changes his hoof growth.

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