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Got glyphosate? Metals? Other chemicals? What to do about toxins for yourself & your animals

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Having worked in the environmental field for 18 years, I’ve watched pollution levels change and the type of risks shift. Even 20 years ago, toxins were not such a major concern. Today, things are different. Our animals and ourselves are exposed to:

  • lead from old paint
  • pesticides and herbicides that blow in from neighboring farms
  • herbicides like glyphosate deliberately applied to the crops to kill weeds
  • glyphosate used to dry out grain crops
  • aluminum and other metals in galvanized stock tanks
  • mercury from industry, especially mercury released from the soil in forest fires
  • ethoxyquin and other chemicals in black rubber buckets and feed tubs
  • lead and mold inhibitors from garden hoses
  • chemicals in fly sprays, vaccines, and dewormers
  • BPA and other plastic additives
  • preservatives and metals in vaccines
  • bromide in soda and flour
  • fluoride in drinking water
  • radioactive fallout from Japan

Any food, feed or hay produced these days, even organically, will have a toxin load from airborn fallout and rainwater.
These toxins build up in the body over time, and are not easy to spot. This non-acute or non-lethal exposure affects all the body systems and is passed to offspring through mother’s milk, as well as actually affecting the DNA.  Possible symptoms include: allergies, aggression/behavioral disorders, anemia, bone and joint disorders, cancer, secondary nutritional deficiencies, failure to thrive, diabetes, infertility, skin problems,thyroid problems, infections and birth defects.

There is no way to entirely avoid toxins in today’s world.  Regular cleanses are no longer optional, in my opinion.

I also use clay and herbs to cleanse the liver, kidneys and digestive tract of my animals and family regularly. My horses:
My horses get 28 days on my favorite herbal detoxifier* in the spring and fall.
My horses also get daily montmorrillonite clay and diatomaceous earth in their mineral buffet* and also topdressed.

My dogs:
My dogs get a 28 day cleanse in spring and fall, as well as getting daily clay via their premium dog food*.

My goats:
The goats at least get the fall cleanse of 14 days of herbal detoxifier*. I give 1 teaspoon of the herbal blend per 40 pounds bodyweight twice daily for 10 to 14 days, making sure I catch the full moon somewhere around day 5 to 7.   I find it easiest to mix the herbal blend with water, extra clay and molasses and make raw goat cookies to hand out as treats.  My goats also get daily montmorrillonite clay and diatomaceous earth in their mineral buffet or blended in with their grain, as well as the clay that is included in my favorite pelleted grain ration*.  I especially make sure to do a cleanse before goat breeding season starts, as I want my kids conceived from the cleanest genetic stock possible.

My family:
We use clay weekly, zeolite daily, and herbs as needed based on muscle testing.

I also do heavy metal cleanses for my animals and family because the liver does not recognize and filter out all the heavy metals. Historically, chelation therapy was considered the best way to remove the metals. However, it was mainly used on people, is very expensive, and can be risky because the metals could re-deposit in the body rather than being carried out.  I prefer using supplements that strongly bind to the metals to reduce the risks.  My preferred metal cleanse is zeolite.   Zeolites are a naturally occuring crystalline mineral found in rock deposits and formed by volcanic activity. Zeolites attract and bind toxic particles such as heavy metals, radioactive particles and certain other toxins, and once bound, will only release the metal if heated above 600 degrees F. Always choose zeolite that has been cleaned (more cost effective because there is more empty space to catch toxins) and has particle sizes below 8 microns, so that it crosses the blood brain barrier.  I use Waiora NCD.   I add the zeolite drops to the animals’ drinking water or stir it into their Herbal Tonic.  Other options for metal removal include chlorella, cilantro, modified citrus pectin, and diatomaceous earth.  When in doubt about which product to use, muscle test it!  Don’t know how to muscle test?  Don’t know what muscle testing is?  Read more here.  And if you are on Facebook, also read here.  And if you love Pinterest, go here.

A nice side benefit from the clay, Excel and Herbal Tonic is that all have anecdotally been reported to coincide with negative fecal tests.  Clay and diatomaceous earth are 2 substances that parasites cannot adapt to, no matter how often you use them. 

*You can find my favorite feeds and supplements at 

To learn more about environmental toxins, I highly recommend the book Invisible Killers.

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