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Jackson Galaxy’s Catification – I love this approach!

You may have seen Jackson Galaxy on TV.  If you haven’t, check him out.  It’s a treat!

One section of his website is devoted to his concept of Catification.  Catification is all about creating space for your cat to climb, perch, hide and just generally be able to be a cat in your household.  His Catification page has lots of reader-submitted Catification ideas.

I’m pretty excited about applying those ideas in our house for Sinh, as we live in a Topsider post and beam home with lots of exposed overhead beams, great for high perches.

(OK, this isn’t our house.  This is another Topsider to give you an idea of the neat overhead beams we have to work with for Sinh.  Photo copyrighted by Topsider Homes)

I’m thinking we can add tall scratching and climbing posts at a couple of the beams, to give her overhead access.  And we can add perching platforms and sleeping spots on some of the beams.
We actually don’t have windowsills in our house.  So this is a great time to make cat-friendly windowsills.  I found tons of window perch ideas on Pinterest just searching “cat window sill perch”.  I started a Pinterest board to collect ideas as I go.
I also realized we could cover the vertical steel beam in the center of our house with sisal rope very inexpensively to give her a scratching post and access to the ceiling beams.  I found this great idea at Maxwell Ryan’s   You could wrap a wood beam or board, a pipe, a tree branch – just about anything that could be securely anchored top and bottom for climbing and scratching.
So what catification ideas have you incorporated into your house?  Please comment and share links to your favorite Pins. 
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