Lucky – week 1

Week 1 – Our first rides
Our goals for our first week are:
Standing still for mounting from both sides.
Lowering the head.
Work on our transitions between walk, halt, back and trot. Especially the halt…
Work on yielding the head, the shoulders and the hindquarters.
TTEAM and TTouch to address his stiffness to the right, especially behind. TTouch is also teaching him that people can be fun to connect with. The TTEAM exercises a great for keeping his active Arabian mind challenged and interested. You can learn more about TTEAM and TTouch at http://www.lindatellingtonjones.com/
We are working in enclosed areas first.
So far he is learning very quickly. The biggest challenge is changing activities often enough to keep his attention. He is very flexible in the neck and front end, but stiff behind, especially to the right. When he was just hanging out in the pasture, he was very friendly and curious. Now that I’m asking him to do things, he is a bit uncertain about our friendship. He is still curious, but is challenging me occasionally in subtle ways. I really enjoyed watching him respond to TTouch, and learning which TTouches he likes the best. He dropped his head and gave a huge sigh when I did python lifts on his hind legs and he really likes tail work. Mouth touches are his least favorite, followed by neck exercises.
Carrie & Lucky

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