Lucky’s progress

Well, you know what they say about the best laid plans…

Had 2 sessions planned for this week under saddle.

What we actually had was a session about “Yes, I really CAN catch you in the field”. He saw me coming, flicked his tail, and took off at a gallop herding all the horses with him. So I spent some time sending him, until he decided to walk over and stand. Then I haltered him, petted him and turned him loose. Took one more round until he figured it out and decided not to walk away from me.

The next day we just did some TTouch bodywork and called it a day. Much to his suprise.
Tonight we did TTEAM bodywork and ground exercises. I had planned to ride, but the crisp fall weather had him really, really wound up so I decided to start with a bit of ground work. That little bit turned into a full session as we worked through some resistance and discovered what he could do really well. These shots are from that session. I alternated between TTEAM ground obstacles, some natural horsemanship work on yielding the front and hind and sidepassing along the fence, and TTEAM TTouch when he needed a break or was getting too wound up. He followed me at a jog through the TTEAM labyrinth, and I bet he would do it without any halter at all. Such a willing guy!

I can tell he is still making up his mind about our relationship, now that I am actually asking him to do things for me. I think he’s going to become a great trail horse and friend.

It’s all perfect.

Till next time,

Carrie & Lucky


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