Poco, Ben and Snowflake – my aged horses

I have 3 senior equines at home. Snowflake (pony-pony) is a mini of about 25 years. Poco is a chestnut QH/Appaloosa cross (maybe) and is at least 25. Ben is a 22 year old gray Arabian, turning 23 this year. I’ve had Poco since he was 6, and he has been an amazing teacher for me. We’ve tried all sorts of training techniques, done some dressage, a bit of jumping, walked through his healing from navicular, ringbone and sidebone and more. For those of you who follow holistic animal care, Poco’s prepurchase exam and years later his first homeopathic care both came from Dr. Edgar Sheaffer at Clark Veterinary Clinic Poco is also the horse that got me back on the path of holistic health, after giving me a wonderful case of whiplash which led me to a very special chiropractor, who in turn led me to Dynamite and Dr. Regan Golob. Funny how life works!

Ben I’ve had since he was 12, and before that he was a racehorse, then a hack horse for hire, then he belonged to my best friend for years doing trail rides and a bit of hunt seat.

These days we trail ride together to stay in shape. Ben is in training to do competitive trail, as he really doesn’t care for playing in the ring at all. Poco on the other hand prefers the ring to the trails, and is the guy I go to when I want to ride bareback/bridleless, work on my own techniques, or give rides to the kids.

Ben and Poco have some trouble chewing these days. Ben has lost several teeth, while all of Poco’s molars are worn to the gumline. Both do just fine on Dynamite Pelleted Grain Ration and timothy hay pellets, soaked to mush. In the winter I add a handful of Dynamite HES for extra fat to their ration. They get all the Dynamite free choice minerals, DynaPro prebiotic, Excel, a biannual cleanse with Dynamite Herbal Tonic and yucca. I also give them Waiora Natural Cellular Defense at least twice yearly for any heavy metals they may pick up, especially mercury. You can find these products at:

Snowflake just hangs out and flirts with the big boys. She gets the same program as the big boys, but only a smidge of the Pelleted Grain Ration and no hay pellets, as her teeth are still in great shape.
Finally, just for inspiration, here is an article about Elmer Bandit, a 37 year old horse that just set a new mileage record.


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