Another piece of the Lucky puzzle

From the time I was a toddler, I dreamed of being friends with horses. Dreamed of a partnership – a horse that wanted to be ridden, wanted to learn and teach and explore.
I’m realizing that all horses are capable of such a partnership – they are just waiting for us to let go of agendas and force and listen.
So, while Lucky and I have recently accomplished much with our riding, even going without a bridle or halter, I am still sensing a separation, a skepticism, and a lack of trust between us.
I realized that parnership can’t be coerced or bought. Treats don’t produce partners.
A partner has the right to say no, to have ideas about the direction the learning will take.
So once again, I’ve backed away a bit from training to think things over and do some research.

I found a bunch of great information and more new teachers.


Stina Herberg’s website on St Vincent in the Caribbean. Stina is working with a herd of rescued horses at liberty using Carolyn’s principles. Stina has posted many amazing vidoes of her life with these horses.

A collaboration between Mark Rashid, Linda Kohanov, Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling, Alexander Nevzorov and Carolyn Resnick, Anna Twinney, Kathy Pike, Kim McElroy, Liz Mittan Ryan and Stormy May. Excellent forum!


Which circles me back around to Lucky, and the other horses in the herd here. I’ve decided to go through the Waterhole Rituals with the herd, following the guidance of Carolyn Resnick. So, you can find me every day sitting in the pasture, just meditating/thinking/watching and letting the horses observe me. Nothing more until they decide to approach and become pests with their attention.
So far, I’ve learned that when they focus on something, if I focus on it, study it thoroughly and then sigh and relax, the horses also sigh and relax. I’ve also learned that Lucky watches me more than the others, rarely removing his attention from me. Poco, my oldest and dearest friend in the herd, also surprised me by watching me quite a bit, even though he’s knows me 20 years. So, we’ll see what happens next.

Until next time, be well and happy!
Carrie and the Oak Hill herd
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