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Oak Hill has roughly 3 acres of cleared grazing land. We also have woods available for the goats and horses. Our land is hilly, moderately steep and rocky. The soil is high iron and clay. This aerial photo was taken years ago before the sheds and fencing were added. The land had been farmed then sat fallow for at least 20 years. When I purchased the property, the fields were either bare earth or covered with sparse weeds, as you can see in the photo. The property is outlined in red.

I have divided the grazing areas up into 3 pastures, surrounded by runways for the horses to exercise on. Runways and pasture fences are outlined in yellow. The barns and goat pens are in the black box on the right. Runways with gray spots are proposed and have the perimeter fence up only. I’m designing the runways following the principles of Jaime Jackson’s Paddock Paradise.

Today I mowed the middle grazing area. Tomorrow I’ll be applying the Dynamite Prescription Treatment for Soils & Crops and also the Dynamite CCF growth accelerator.

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