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Tips For Endurance & Competitive Trail Horses

As many of my clients have endurance or competetive trail horses, I have gathered together all the tips I have found over the years into one program.

For the off season/winter:
My favorite pelleted grain ration or organic corn/oats/barley to maintain the desired energy level.
Cold extruded soybean pellets and/or black oil sunflower seeds and/or Standlee hay pellets to maintain weight.
Free choice grass hay and pasture.
My favorite chelated mineral and vitamin supplements, either the regular, the plus, or the deluxe combination product – each horse is different, so either muscle test for the best option or contact me for suggestions.
Free choice calcium phosphorus, in both 1:1 and 2:1 ratios.
Free choice naturally chelated trace minerals with fulvic acid
Free choice loose unbleached plain salt (this one or Redmond)
For joint support:
This brand name combination product
A mix of yucca and MSM and vitamin C with added bioflavenoids (equal amounts by weight).
Prebiotic with every meal
Clay/diatomaceous earth/digestive aid mix  (1 tsp) in the evening meal

During Training:
Same as the off season, with some adjustments.
The amounts of topdressed multivitamin/mineral  will be adjusted as the work load increases and as green grass becomes available in the spring. Muscle test, or ask me for suggestions.
The grain and fatty feeds will need to be increased to maintain energy and weight.
I offer electrolytes mixed with water in addition to plain water on hot days and after training.
Topically, I use clay for a poultice on the legs, or wherever I find heat on the body.
Increase the vitamin C with bioflaveoids
I also spray on a flower essence blend on hot spots.
I use homeopathic arnica for any bruises/sprains/strains

Prior to a race:
Same program as the training program, except for the following changes.
Stop the yucca a week prior and during the race.
Stop the brand name joint product mentioned above a week prior and during the race.
3 days before the race start this (skip this for competitive trail).

During the race:
Offer cold extruded soybean pellets (see link above) as a snack along the trail and in camp
Lifewave Energy Patches are a non-transdermal patch you apply to acupuncture points to increase stamina. Contact me for placement suggestions.
Spray a flower essence blend around the coronet bands.

In general, each horse is different and muscle testing or working with a health practitioner can help you adjust the program to suit your horse.
I suggest monitoring your horse’s selenium levels. Horses in hard work and/or taking sulfur products (MSM) may need extra selenium.
Regular bodywork such as chiropractic, massage, acupuncture, accupressure and bio energy work may all helpful. I personally feel cranio-sacral and bio energy work are the most helpful, at least for my horses.
For mental and emotional health, learn Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or find a practitioner. This is a very very valuable tool.

Finally, you are part of the partnership. Pay attention to your own health. Take good quality supplements, use electrolytes and drink enough during competition, work on your own mental and emotional issues – stay fit and healthy for your equine partner.

Happy healthy trails!

Copyright ©2016 Carrie Eastman.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration or American Veterinary Medical Association, and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Always consult your veterinarian about any changes to your animal’s health program.

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