Why I feed Dynamite Pelleted Grain Ration to my horses, goats and chickens…

Pelleted Grain Ration (PGR) is the cleanest feed you are going to find out there. Although there are not enough certified organic sources of grain around to use that exclusively, Dynamite does check the grains for pesticides and herbicides, nitrates, and other toxins. Just having a clean, chemical-free feed does amazing things for animals, because they are so susceptible to chemical toxins. Feed store employees may be spraying toxic pesticides on and around bags of feed to get rid of insects, and don’t think it doesn’t go right through the woven plastic bags! Even bleaches such as methyl mercury, and fumigants used in the storage bins and mills can have tremendous adverse effects on animals. Dynamite® uses only diatomaceous earth for pest control in their mills, and no chemical-fortified feeds or those with urea are produced on site, in order to avoid potential cross contamination. The whole milling process goes thru a visual inspection by 6 to 7 people; dust and broken grains are removed by a special vacuum process before pelleting begins, so you are assured of full value for your dollar. Dynamite’s commitment to buy direct from local growers and to avoid GMO grains means unparalleled quality.

Regarding quality control and freshness, 90% of Dynamite ingredients are less than 30 days old, and many are less than 2 weeks old. This is a level of freshness unheard of in the feed industry. In over 30 years Dynamite has never had a positive aflotoxin test.

The last point to consider, is that the mix is always the same. The majority of manufacturers use “least cost” formulations: that is, they will use more of whatever grain is cheaper on the commodities market that week. You have Jim Zamzow’s (Dynamite’s founder) pledge: Dynamite will never use “least cost” The PGR formulas are the same always. Dynamite has total control over the PGR, start to finish, in their own mills (the only chemical free mill in the country, by the way!).

Dynamite will also never apologize for the cost of quality – an increasingly educated and sophisticated marketplace will gladly pay for optimum results! You always have the option to become Dynamite® Distributors, purchase at wholesale and earn money sharing the feed while providing their friends and their area with the best holistic grain ration in the world!

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